Blue Ribbon

The American Standard

Project Scope:

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography
  • Printed Collateral
  • Website Design

Since 1900, Blue Ribbon Products has been a leading manufacturer of automotive reconditioning and specialty household cleaning products. With over 115 years of research, testing and continuous innovation, we are proud to say that we bring our customers the very best in automotive and household cleaning products. Not only that, our products are manufactured right here in the United States at our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our rebranding process with Blue Ribbon Inc. started with our initial discovery session and a lot of brand planning. We researched their current industry and dug into their history, looked at market trends, talked and surveyed both past and current customers, sales reps, and their leadership to uncover brand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. Next, we were able to lay out a path that planned the next several months and prioritized projects, along with brand inspiration and ideas.

From there, we drilled down into the branding concepts and finalized the brand experience that Blue Ribbon wanted to portray across all of their digital and print collateral.

We had several milestones and deliverables for this major rebrand. These included not just the identity pieces, but an icon system that organized their product categories, as well as catalogs, product labels, SDS sheets, product packaging & labels with multiple sizes, product photography, and a website concept.

We also worked closely with a translation company that assisted us with turning all of their communications into different languages as our client needed.

Programming, Web Design, & UX Recommendations

While our developers didn’t do the actual programming for their website since they had their own developer, we did concept and design Blue Ribbon’s initial website recommendations and give UX best practices.


To be programmed in WordPress, our website designs included the home, about, history, blog, product, and resources page. We also included a general page template concept that was to be programmed using a custom fields page builder that would allow Blue Ribbon to build out their own pages once launched without the need for any programming.