Strength from Within

Project Scope:

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Promotional Products

Evolutions Yoga, a yoga studio located in Greenwood, Indiana reached out to Boldthink to help move their marketing into a cohesive look and feel that portrays their brand essence to the fullest helping them achieve overall growth in their practice. While they’ve previously handled all of their marketing needs in-house, they were looking for professional help in their next phase of growing their community and continuing the important work they do in Greenwood.

As an important step towards their business goals, we recommended a discovery phase which resulted in a strategic communications and brand planning document. This included a branding and strategic planning session, surveys and interviews of key audiences, a marketing audit, and supplementary external research.

“We had been interested in redesigning our logo for a long time and had been working on some of our own designs for a couple months prior to contacting Boldthink. At a certain point, the design process became overwhelming trying to narrow down a few solid concepts and weed out all the “we could….’s” that were happening. One day I told my business partner I could’t do the design process anymore and wanted to get professional help. I started searching local design firms and looking over their portfolios. Boldthink stood out immediately for me in that search and we contacted them the next day.

After doing my initial portfolio search, we set up a meeting with Boldthink and from that meeting they really hit the mark. I felt comfortable that they were really going to take the heart of our business into the design process and come back with something that truly reflected our community and what our brand stands for. I could tell they were genuinely interested in what the business was about and hearing its story. This was important for me, and we never looked back in choosing Boldthink to partner with.”

“In the beginning of the design process when we contacted Boldthink, we were facing some challenges and needed professional help. We had been in business for over 8 years and throughout that time our business has changed and evolved many times. As owners trying to rebrand on our own was a huge challenge. The business looks different to us as owners than it does to our community, and trying to create a logo design that would embody the overall vision of our business was just not coming easily or quickly. We needed a neutral set of eyes to come in and see the parts we couldn’t and help us see what our community sees in us.


The process with Boldthink has been amazing and we couldn’t be happier with the new logo and color pallet. Initially I wasn’t too hip on the group meetings and brand research, but the whole process helped me to see my business in a new way. It helped empower me as an owner to understand the story of what my business has become over the past 8 years and where it can go over the next 10 years. The confirmations we received on our marketing strategies & the suggestions for additional options has been tremendously helpful. We’ve been already implementing some of those strategies and have received great feedback from our contractors and community. In preparation for the logo launch, we’ve previewed it to a few people and they are in LOVE with the design Boldthink has come up with for us.


We’re still very early in the rebranding process, but so far one of the biggest impacts this process with Boldthink has given us is confidence in our business. We have cohesive identity that speaks to the past and the future of our business. We can look at our new logo and brand identity with love and respect as there was no stress or worry during the process, Boldthink handled all of that for us so that we could just relax and do our thing.” – Jenni Keith, Founder Evolutions Yoga