Community Service. Redefined.

Project Scope:

  • Brand Identity
  • Content
  • Graphic Design
  • Printed Collateral

When ProAct contacted us to work with them, we were excited to collaborate with another non-profit organization that is a champion of service learning. ProAct collaborates with community leaders and professional organizations to provide community outreach service projects for economically disadvantaged youth in central Indiana and beyond.

Taking a creative approach, ProAct makes the youth not the recipients of community service but the givers and creators of the projects that help build and support the communities they live in. Working alongside Indianapolis professional groups, organizations, and volunteers, the students are exposed to diverse communities and experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to without ProAct.

ProAct envisioned themselves as an engaging and enriching organization through which youth build a foundation of integrity, humility, and confidence. In this vision, the students start their journey in elementary school and continue through high school, emerging as responsible and determined leaders who can respond actively and intelligently to social issues they are likely to encounter.


Having trouble telling their story and raising awareness of the organization, ProAct reached out to us wanting a partner who could effectively and concisely tell their story. In order to do that, we first had to build a solid foundation through their branding and identity. They needed to create a brand that would tell their story of engaged youth in public service, youth that educates, delights, and inspires themselves and the communities they serve.


Forming this identity through robust and consistent branding is making it possible for ProAct to see their vision become a reality. We are excited to see the students and youth working with ProAct to be known for running projects that engage residents, harness skills of youth leaders, and make a measurable impact on important social issues over the next several years.

These young people are building an ethic of teamwork, plus the personal drive to learn, design, and execute meaningful service work. We are thrilled and inspired continue our partnership with ProAct and raise awareness of the great work they accomplish on a daily basis.



“I was impressed by the level of professionalism and pride that went into each project that BoldThink does. I knew they would take care of us and work hard to develop our unique brand. They sought to truly understand our organization, which is something I was looking for in a marketing partner. My team and I feel more confident to share our mission and vision. And we can clearly articulate what it is we do thanks to the help of BoldThink. Because of our new image and branding, we have been able to attract more donors and appeal to a larger demographic in our messages. Our new brand is very well received, and we are thoroughly impressed. We look forward to working with BoldThink in many more projects to come.”

Derrin Slack, Founder of ProAct