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First of all, “Congratulations!”

Considering a rebrand is a major step in any company. And we like to believe it is both a very serious time, and yet a time to be celebrated.


However, rebranding is a complex and complicated process that should never be taken lightly. Rebranding is more the restart of the brand’s engine, not just a new coat of paint. It takes a research-driven process, a sensible yet fearless team, and the patience to do it right.

As you move forward, consider what follows. Have you caught yourself saying these phrases?

“We just need…”

Often we hear companies say “Well, our business would be better, we just need a new website (or more leads, a new logo, a blog, the answer to this question, etc.) It is great to have identified a need or gap in your business model, but often the roots of the proposed need often lead to a much bigger problem.
Understanding the cause and effect of the various parts of how your company functions is key to identifying what are the true needs of your business’s rebrand.

“We don’t need research, we know our industry, customer, competitors…”

I’m sure we all agree, knowledge is power–but what we often run into is that research is placed on the backburner. A healthy agency relationship requires a baseline of understanding of all the things that affect your brand like your customer’s perceptions, how your competitors market their services, and how you define yourself, etc. Research should come before any strategy, any design, and should be an ongoing process that influences nearly every decision made.

“Can you just do (insert here) for us? That’s all we need.”


Another aspect of a healthy agency relationship is that the success of a rebrand depends on the effort given by both parties. You understand your company best, and it is up to us to ask the right questions at the right time and match it to the right strategy. But for that to happen, a client must be willing to be honest, open, and get their hands dirty.

 “Can we add this, what about this, and this…”


This is often one of the hardest parts of a rebrand. With any agency, there are always boundaries in place, for both the agency and client’s well-being. Going beyond scope, the approved budget, the creative brief often results in a lot of backpedaling and a wishy-washy final result vs. a strong and sound rebrand.

Feedback should be welcomed and changes happen, but it has to be for the right reason. Not just to keep experimenting and chasing what’s shiny. A strong strategy is always better than all the bells and whistles.

“We can’t change our name, our logo, our colors…”

Change is hard, and we completely understand that. As humans, we naturally feel most comfortable in a world of reliability and stability. However, the most successful rebrands always begin with little to no conditions on the table, unless absolutely necessary. A rebrand should be approached with the mentality that “anything could happen and that’s okay”. Working through the brand’s limits should be at the end, never the beginning.


“We don’t know what we need, something just isn’t right”

This is actually great. Having a gut reaction about your brand can be a very powerful tool. As an agency it is up to us to help your brand figure out what’s right, what’s wrong, and what you really need. We can help decipher between wishes and absolutes.

The best agencies are rooted in relationship and not projects. We function as mentors, and not pushy consultants. Like you we go with our guts, never just to sell, but to figure out how to sensibly succeed.

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