Why SEO is Making Your Business a Zombie

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Unless your company specializes in zombies, no longer should your focus be on SEO. Why is that you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. In the last few years or so, major changes and innovations have been occurring in the realm of marketing. There has been a new trend of small business taking over and surpassing big business when it comes to customer service and relevance. These once before invisible players are now becoming game changers and industry experts with the help of one method: CEO or Customer Experience Optimization.

In the days before, companies focused their website’s structure and content around a few keywords and phrases. Essentially, repeating the same keyword many times on a page could increase your ranking (BRAINS…BRAINS). Nowadays with Google and Bing’s new algorithms, the websites that rank higher are the most relevant, resourceful and appreciated by its visitors or in other words the safe haven of the web. These new methods are bashing the zombie websites in the head and letting the creative survivors rise to the top. What does this mean for your business? Let’s take a look.

SEO Zombie Computers
We want your BUSINESSSS!


Content is King

As said before, SEO used to be all about the number of keywords or phrases and landing pages a website had. This meant companies big websites that had little or poor information could rank higher than those with great articles and resources from newer or smaller websites. Now it’s all about tailoring your content to what your buyers and customers are searching for. Yes, keywords are still important, but clever titles, length, and relevance give your site a better boost than ever before.

Sharing is Caring

Now we’re not saying to share with the zombies, but rather having quality content that your visitors want to share with others. Social media is a growing and major tool in SEO, CEO, and marketing in general. Changes in search engine algorithms account for the amount an article or webpage has been shared, and that can change your ranking dramatically. With that in mind, make sure your article, blog post, or page is irresistible, essential, and worthy of being shared.

Worried you don’t have any good ideas to share? Think again. Every business specializes in something. It’s why you got into business in the first place. Become an industry thought leader by publishing some of your insights. Viewers love receiving free and useful information without being pushed on making a sale. This will make your business become friendly, trust worthy, and more personable; thus favorable for sharing.

Close your Wallets and Open Your Brain

This is great news for small businesses. With the web growing exponentially, it sometimes seems impossible to make a dent in your industry. But with search engines changing, it is no longer all about Google Adwords or how much you paid to grow your site, but rather what is on the actual page. Having great content in your business blog (if you don’t have one, get one NOW), free resources, and calls to action, is ranked more important that money. Small business is loving this because they often have the easiest time to make major changes in how thing are ran and are more open to trying new ideas in how to better their business.

But what if I have great ideas to share, but I can’t write?

No worries. There are many resources and companies that specialize in business blogging, social media, and content development. These services can allow you to focus on growing your business, all the while growing your web presence and lead generation.

Nobody and definitely zero businesses want to be seen as a zombie. Dead, crawling around aimlessly, begging for the same thing­––in this case search engine ranking. New innovations and methods in marketing have changed the perspective about being just about the website to making it about the customer’s viewing it. Give your visitors a worthwhile experience, a safe haven away from the SEO zombie apocalypse. At the end of the day, remember these three tips: blog often, generate irresistible content, and know you want to target. Doing these three steps will guarantee an increase in your search engine ranking via CEO, and kill off a few of those bloody zombies.


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