Taking Advantage of Earned Media: Web Design in 5 Days

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Like any opportunity, sometimes it knocks when you least expect it. For many not-for-profit organizations, press coverage or any earned media is like striking gold. And for our client, the Bally Foundation or, an opportunity to share their story came to their doorstep.

The Challenge

When WTHR News offered press coverage of the Bally Foundation’s mission, Christopher Cleveland, the President and Founder, realized that with press coverage came the opportunity to take advantage of any interest in donating, volunteering or reaching those in need. And that meant revamping the Bally Foundation website to The catch? The story was to air in less than a week.

The Solution

Soon after, Christopher reached out to Theresa Goodwin, President and Founder of BoldThink Creative. The two spoke, and we as a team were soon up to the monumental task of creating a simple brand identity and developing a responsive website that could help lead listeners of the story to learning more online.

The Results

In just 5 days, BoldThink worked with the Bally Foundation to develop a logo, brand color scheme, collect content and develop a WordPress site. On the first day, we collected the needs of the client: needed pages, deadline, boundaries, etc. As a team we mapped out what content we had, what content we needed, and a sprint list of when and what could be completed. Most importantly who was responsible for its success.

Bally Can Help website design for earned media


With many cups of coffee and nearly every type of communication device in use, our amazingly talented designer Allison Tylek and president Theresa crafted a simple yet effective design for Bally Can Help.

The story aired on May 12th, 2015 on WTHR News, and people are beginning to take notice of this organization. Some have even begun donating equipment and forwarding the organization on to friends.

Key takeaways

In a perfect world, every project would have a comfy timeline, a perfect Gantt chart, and the room to experiment. However, we learned that sometimes you have to be willing, as an agency, to be flexible in making quick decisions, asking the right questions and working collaboratively in every step along the way. Especially when it comes to taking advantage of an earned media opportunity. This small web project is proof that our agency, even though small in size, is mighty in talent.

About the Bally Foundation &

The Bally Foundation is an organization with the mission to help families in need of often pricey medical equipment like wheelchairs, hospital beds, shower chairs, etc. Working alongside Two Men with a Truck and the Indiana Department of Correction, each week a small team collects equipment donations from homes and businesses across Indiana.

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