Trade shows can suck, so make sure they are worth your time.

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When our friends at Crane Builders came to us wanting to know if we could help them get ready for the Indianapolis Home Show, we jumped at the chance. Before we could dive in, one of the first things that we needed to know were the issues and challenges that come with having a booth at a trade show like this. Understanding the problem is half of the solution.

Crane Builders knew what they wanted to accomplish in 2017. You could say they had their castles in the air, and they just needed to put the foundations under them. To build a bridge between those goals and accomplishments, they needed to clearly express the high-performance and environmental features of the homes they design and build.

Crane Builders is a family-owned and operated custom home building business. They have been building high-performance homes for over 25 years. Using new data and products, combined with time-proven construction techniques, Crane Builders make a damn good home through ICF construction. Insulated Concrete Homes have a superior insulation, soundproofing, safety, fire resistance, and wind resistance.

Crane Builders Landing Page

The first step to building that foundation was to have a central hub that everybody could go and get questions answered about Crane Builders being at the home show such as hours of the show, location, general information, ICF information, etc… We built the landing page above as not only the source to find out information, but a way to directly contact Crane Builders and schedule a time to see them at the home show, especially if they wanted to sit down with the president of the company, who couldn’t be there the entire duration of the show. 


Mockup of Crane Builders Booth


We designed the signage and banners for the booth at The Home Show. This mock-up was not only to make sure that we were creating a booth that not only told the story of Crane Builders and what they did, but would also catch your eye at a crowded convention hall and draw people into conversations about what Crane Builders does as a business.


Bold Gear Crane Builders shirts


We also wanted the Crane Builders team to look as good as their company performs. Through our sister company Bold Gear, we designed and printed new t-shirts for the home show for them to not only wear, but to give out to new potential customers.


Aaron Crane from Crane Builders


And lastly, to coincide with the new landing page we built, we also ran Facebook Ads. We targeted the ads at their current fans, but also to people who were already attending the home show, as well as targeted demographic and behavioral aspects that make up Crane Builders customer personas. We wanted to make sure that we were telling the exact people Crane Builders want as customers that they were going to be at the Home Show and to visit their booth.