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So you want to write, but you aren’t sure what to write about? Writing for business blogs is one of the most important tools that your company can use for their marketing strategy but is no doubt one of the most challenging. When we meet with our clients and ask them about the value in blogging, it’s surprising to see that every single one of them KNOWS without a doubt that it can bring leads into their website, but they just don’t know what they should write about.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 things that can turn your business blog into something your customers want to read… and will. Here are some ideas that you can use to generate some interesting content:

1.) Pick one of your services and write about it. Sounds simple? It is! At the heart of what you know best lies your most valuable content. Pick a service once a week and elaborate on what it is, how it can solve your client’s problems and how you helped solve similar client problems using that same service.

2.)Write about your industry trends. You should (and if you aren’t, start now!) be keeping up on what is going on with subjects related to your industry. Pick one of those trends and write about it. It can be your opinion on the subject or how your company is keeping up with the trend. For example, if you own or manage a logistics company and know that technology is a driving force on how clients choose their 3PL provider, write about how your company is utilizing the latest technology and the power of what it can do for your client.

3.) Write and distribute a press release. Did you land a new contract or become a preferred, long-term provider for one of your best clients? It’s time to write about it. Start by writing the press release on your blog and distribute the link to media sources. Bonus: you’ll get links back to your site and get a little SEO boost!

4.) Have a guest blogger. Oh, yes you can! We are all busy and have other things to do, which means that our blog can sometimes get pushed to the back burner. So why not delegate and have someone else write a blog post in a related industry that you can post? You can also have an employee write one, too.

5.) Turn your FAQ’s into a blog post. It’s all about repurposing content, right? In our industry, if you’ve already spent the time writing about something, reuse it as much as you can. Take a FAQ and turn it into a blog post.

6.)Write a “How-To” guide. Give a bit of your secret sauce away and educate people on how to do something. Customers are hungry to learn, so why not have them learn from the best? They’ll turn to you when they need other advice.

7.) Take a survey. Now’s a great chance to send a survey to your clients or customers and ask them simple, short questions. Take those answers and write about it.

8.) Write about what’s going on in your office. Did you hire a new employee or did someone get rewarded employee of the month? Take the time and focus on writing about something that is going on in the office. Both employees and customers will love getting to know the heart of what makes your business beat.

9.) Write a case study. Take a client success story and turn it into a case study that you can not only use on your blog, but send to potential clients and show how you helped another client in a similar industry. Using a simple format such as “about the client, their challenge, the solution, and results” should keep it flowing and hitting all the right points to talk about.

10.) Write about an industry experience. Did you recently attend an event or tradeshow? Or maybe you had a unique customer experience. Write about it.

These top ten ideas should get the juices flowing on what your business should be writing about. Should you have any additional questions or need some more advice, give us a shot out on Twitter!