Tweet because we said so. (part one)

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Twitter is a unique social-media application that represents one of the more “social” attempts at connecting users and putting like-minded individuals in the same place. I would even suggest it does a better job at defining or letting you create your social- media personas than other applications that are out there (sorry, Mr. Zuckerberg). The first question we get from business owners is simple, but it has a complex answer. Clients want to know that the time they invest in this new application is warranted and adding value.

Would you simply accept – “because we said so?” I didn’t think so. As with all business owners we need concrete, rational reasons as to why we would accept and implement a new technology. I am generally resistant to fads, especially when it concerns my own business and you obviously should take the time to consider the pros and cons for your specific business. But to make it a bit easier for you, I have closely scrutinized Twitter and offer a few of our reasons :

(Note: these are not ranked in any specific order, and I could have easily come up with 20 as I did 7, but if these don’t sway you to use Twitter… just go back to “because we said so”)

  • It allows an open line of communication between you and your customers. One of the most important aspects of business is client interaction. Twitter not only allows you to communicate with those already interested in what you are saying, but allows you to connect with others by using key words within your tweets.
  • It allows a continuous dialogue with people.
  • It gives your business a unique opportunity to create a social-media persona that is in alignment with your values and mission.
  • It helps foster a more personal experience for your customer or client and allows them to feel that you value them and the connection you’ve made.
  • You can be the source of the real-time information and breaking news. Not only will you be able to send the information out but in-turn, can track what people did with it.
  • Marketing. This should be a pretty obvious use but it is valuable for sending out coupons, directing attention to new products, developing business prospects, etc…
  • You can check on the competition. One valuable tool is the ability to learn what they are up to so you can stay competitive.
  • You know what is being said about your business in real time. If a customer says something negative or positive, you’ll be on top of it.

If you need a more in-depth pro/cons list for your business we are happy to provide you with one.