What It Means To Be A Marketing Agency In Indianapolis

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Every client offers another way for us as a marketing agency to help make Indianapolis fulfill its potential to be the best city in the country.

Our clients come from many different industries. But they all have similar qualities in common, not only are they passionate about their businesses and organizations, but they are passionate about giving back to their communities as well.

Helping our clients be the best they can be through strong storytelling and a well thought out digital strategy is always our number one goal. That being said, we make a living at Boldthink by what we create, but we make our life by what we can give. Our goal being a balance between company success and giving back.

One way we can give back as a marketing agency is to alter the external perceptions of Indianapolis. This helps the businesses and organizations in and around the city of Indianapolis flourish, ultimately a win-win by letting us be a part of the change we want to see.

For cities and marketing agencies alike we know that actions not words are what affect our reputation. We also know that you don’t attract what you need or want, you attract what you are, and we want to be an agency that personifies the best of our city.

So we wanted to give you some of the actions that we feel have represented us best as a marketing agency and as residents of Indianapolis.


Pro Act Indy

Pro-Act When ProAct contacted us to work with them, we were excited to collaborate with another non-profit organization that is a champion of service learning. ProAct works with community leaders and professional organizations to provide community outreach service projects for economically disadvantaged youth in central Indiana and beyond.

Indianapolis VOICES

VOICES It’s always rewarding to work on projects that have such a meaningful and positive impact on the community. One of our favorite projects this past year was for this local non-profit working to make a positive influence on the Indianapolis at-risk youth. V.O.I.C.E.S. is an Indianapolis organization that offers an innovative way for communities to nurture and enlighten youth while creating an environment of success.



Langham Logistics

Langham Logistics Langham Logistics partners with forward-thinking companies to provide comprehensive supply chain management solutions that save time and money. They don’t rely on off-the-shelf solutions; rather utilize their proven processes and systems and tailor them to meet the exact needs of their clients’ company, industry, and business objectives.

Langham also has worked with the Indiana Government to do transportations studies so that we can work towards an improved infrastructure in our home state. 

Next, we have our new friends, that we are excited to work with.



Merchandise Warehouse

Merchandise Warehouse –  Merchandise Warehouse is the premier logistics Provider of multi-temperature warehouse services in the Midwest Region. They provide warehouse services to the food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries that satisfy the needs and exceeds the expectations of their customers and business partners.

They also strive to make their community better by providing employment and second chance programs to those coming out of the prison system. Not only does the benefit the individuals, but Merchandise Warehouse will be the first to say that these workers are some of their best employee’s.


Circle City IN Pride

Indy Pride – Indy Pride, is known for their festival that attracts eighty to one hundred thousand people to Indianapolis each year. The reality is they are an organization that educates and honors diversity in our city year round.

Indy Pride does philanthropic work to support many organizations throughout Central Indiana. In addition to the Festival in June, they organize Laugh OUT Loud, the Hoosier 250 Tricycle Race, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, Educational and Vocational Scholarships, Workshops and Support Groups (confidential and public), and partnerships with the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, Circle City Pride Softball League, and the Circle City Fest Volleyball Tournament.

The writer Roman Payne said, “Cities were always like people, showing their varying personalities to the traveler.”

We take that to heart and are enamored with continuing the hard work to help show the diverse personalities to travelers coming to Indy through the great businesses and organizations it has to offer and the ones we continue to support and invest our time and energy into growing.