Why Writing is Still Important for Business

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Writing is both a way of sharing a thought or idea and a in a certain way a critical skill to success. While in school, we all had to endeavor the late nights and endless cups of coffee to churn out a paper while in utter agony. However, there are some people who really enjoy putting their thoughts and perspectives into words. Business and design are two areas that are beginning to step away from the face-to-face meetings and phone calls and switching to e-mails, blog posts, virtual meetings, etc. As technology continues, written word and video will become the dominant forms of communication.

So why are there claims that journalism is a dying industry and that writers will be left out in the cold? Well, just like design, writing is often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. However, writing can provide many industries a crucial tool that can give their business a way to put their concepts, news, and stories to paper or on a screen and share them with the world. And for writers, now is the time to accept the change, and adapt your skills to the world that is steering towards blogging, social media, content development, and copywriting or else your career could easily end like the days of the daily newspaper. So what can writing provide for your company, business or industry? Below are three benefits of having a writer on your team.

1. Compelling stories

Writing a story or idea down gives it a permanent existence. It is there, clear as day on the paper, and no one can change that. Also it gives business the ability to build an inspiring narrative that can describe a case study, project, or new strategy. There is power in words, and often times that is overlooked because essentially every one is taught how to write, but at the end of the day it is a skill that certain people thrive in and enjoy.

2. Shares knowledge

With the world turning to social media and websites to retrieve their information, providing well-written content online is vital. A writer can help in developing a business or personal blog, writing articles, conducting interviews or preparing documents for major projects.

3. Takes the pressure off

Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys writing. Everyone on this Earth has a certain skill or activity they enjoy, so why not have the writing be done by someone who truly adores it? This will also take the pressure off others in the company or team to write when it could be something they are uncomfortable with or despise.

Written word goes back thousands of years, but as technologies and societies change so does the form of writing. In the past few decades, science, math, and commercial industry have surpassed the arts. However it is up to both commerce and the writers themselves to stand up and rekindle the love for writing and to truly understand its potential and benefits. So don’t just sit there reading this anymore, go out and find a writer for your business and hire them! And if you are a writer, go out and seize this open opportunity and revitalize writing once more.

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