You’ve got 30 seconds, now impress me!


As a business owner, there will come a time when you are asked to describe what your company does or give a sales pitch. Whether you consider yourself a sales-person or not, if you run a business, you are most definitely a sales-person. If you consider that most people have a real anxiety about speaking in front of others, and if you couple that with our reluctance to brag, a real opportunity can be missed. This quick introduction into your company is often referred to as your “elevator speech”. You may find yourself in a more formal setting like in a professionals group, at a conference, or even just out to dinner when you want or need to give your business introduction. If you keep to these few simple ideas, you might spark their interest enough for them to seek more information.

As spokesperson and champion of your brand, you have to be comfortable with talking about your business and the attributes that make it stand out. A few ideas to keep in mind when crafting your intro and delivering it are:

  • Craft a simple, yet colorful intro that gives the audience a hook. You’ll want to keep it simple, so if you are nervous you can hit your main points.
  • Personalize it to the person you are talking to or whatever you know about their industry / business or what they like.
  • Use examples that connect with their demographic.
  • Keep it short. The attention spans of someone engaged with you will be longer, but don’t ramble on. There is a reason that the average commercial on tv is between 15 and 30 seconds.
  • Speak easy and casually, but let them sense that you are the expert.
  • Use examples, answer questions, or educate them on aspects of your business / industry.
  • Practice, practice, and MORE practice. Just like anything, if you are comfortable doing it you will be more effective at it. The best audience to polish and practice is your friends and family, and they will often give you ample time to talk about your business.

Here is an example for a more formal setting:

OPENING: “Good-morning I am Joel Goodwin from BoldThink Marketing and Design, we help companies build distinctive, BOLD brands.”

HOOK: “If I say motorcycle, what do you think of?” I would guess that at least one person here thought Harley-Davidson. Close your eyes and you can picture their logo and hear the roar of the engine. Does it represent freedom, rebellion, James Dean coooooool? Does it elicit a memory of your dad roaring into the driveway and letting you sit on the tank? It does me.

EDUCATE: Brand is all of this and much, much more. BoldThink helps companies evoke those senses, be memorable, and align all the pieces that make a brand BOLD. Brand development, marketing, web site development, search engine optimization are all components to your brand. Let me show you how it matters to your brand.

RELATED FINISHING HOOK: Imagine creating a strong enough brand where your customers would tattoo their logo on themselves. Talk about identifying with a brand!

Your main goal is to leave a lasting impression and spark (pun intended) their interest in the limited amount of time you have. When giving your business introduction if you speak with confidence and the audience can quickly see how you can help them, they will seek you out.


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