Brand Development

Clarity fuels growth.
Good design brings it all together.


Skimping on brand development is a risk you can’t afford to take.

Do you find it becoming increasingly difficult to drive lead generation through your marketing efforts? Or maybe your sales team lacks the consistent language needed to describe what makes you competitive in the market? Are you embarrassed to send people to your website out of fear of what they’ll think?

These are signs it’s an excellent time to consider a rebrand.


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The most successful companies formulate, design, and execute comprehensive brand strategies in order to make purposeful and strategic business decisions. They aren’t winging it. You shouldn’t either.


Our Approach:

We never make assumptions about your company and what you and your customers need. Before our team puts pen to paper, we’ll do a deep dive with hands-on workshops, ask a lot of questions, talk strategy, and connect with your leadership, employees, and customers.

Your Brand Is the Most Powerful Asset You Have

The most successful brands have a clearly defined brand strategy. Without it, you have no way to judge whether your brand is moving in the right direction or not. If you’ve been in business for years, developing one now can help you get more effective and more innovative about communicating your business value to your target audience and drive revenue growth. It can also help identify any gaps or missing opportunities that you may not have been able to identify yet. If you’re just getting started, a brand strategy will create the roadmap to differentiate you from your competitors, succinctly tell your story, build awareness, grow your audience, and generate revenue.

Step 1: Brand Research & Analysis

We use qualitative and quantitative research to gain an understanding of your business marketplace, including interviews and surveys with employees and clients, an audit of existing marketing materials, a full review of competitors, and a deep dive on influential industry leaders.

  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • Breakdown of Existing Brand Perception
  • Full Competitive Audit
  • Communications Review

Step 2: Brand Synthesis & Strategy

We distill our initial research and review your marketing needs to cut out the noise and refocus your brand on its deeper mission, vision, and values. This establishes the brand foundation centered around your competitive advantage and long-term strategy. If the research phase is the “what” of the brand, this analysis is the “why”.

  • A Brand Personality Breakdown
  • Target Customer Profiles
  • Vision & Mission Affirmations
  • Target Brand Perception Prism
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • Visual and Verbal Tone Framework

Step 3: Creative Development

We’ll build out a series of tools and assets to empower your sales team and future marketing efforts that integrate the new branding into everyday messaging with consumers.

  • Renewed Logo and Visual Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Visual and Verbal Tone Guidelines
  • Audience Targeted Messaging Matrix
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Sales Assets
  • Social Media Assets
  • and more

It’s Simple – To Improve Your
Brand Value & Grow Your Reputation

We work with our clients to increase brand awareness, create competitive differentiation, cultivate internal culture, foster innovation, and boost loyalty.


Brand Strategy & Identity

Let’s strategize, plan, and design
your brand for growth against
the competition


Brand Positioning

Uncover your highly-focused
statement that carves out your
value proposition in the market


Names and Naming Systems

We have a proven track record
for creating compelling names
and making the process fun


Employer Branding

Win the war on talent with and
attract quality candidates with
an employer brand strategy


Brand Research

We use qualitative and quantitative
research to gain market and
consumer insights


Messaging Strategies

Cut out the clutter and use the
messaging your audience will
want to hear


Brand Architecture

We’ll work to organize your portfolio
of offerings based on how audiences
want to engage with you


Rapid Reporting

When time is of the essence and
you need strategic insights with
actionable tactics fast



Get the feedback you need to
understand how your audience
perceives your brand