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10 Signs Your Company is Ready for a Rebrand

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Have you run into complications for your business that make the resolution unclear?  There are a lot of situations that brand development services can help solve. They’re a great way to get an unbiased look at internal and external attitudes about your business to position it for growth. Sound like what you need? Here are just some of the signs it might be time for a rebrand:

Your Target Audience Has Changed

Whether you’ve chosen to focus on a new demographic or your existing clientele have grown and changed over years, your brand is going to need to hone in on new ways to connect with that audience. A full analysis of your prospective clients through brand development will give you a clear sense of that audience and messaging tools to reach them meaningfully.

Your Messaging Doesn’t Resonate

Your business may have a strong sense of self with a plan of action to follow suit. But if clients aren’t responding to your message, you won’t be able to achieve your mission. Brand audits give an all-encompassing view of how you’re perceived internally and externally to give your business a roadmap for its next logical brand position that strikes a chord with all stakeholders.

Your Vision No Longer Serves the Company

This situation is common with businesses who have seen a lot of growth. You started small, had a vision, and relentlessly pursued it. People responded, and now you find yourself with a team that is capable of much more. Bring them into the new possibilities by updating your brand.

Your Growth Has Slowed

If you’re stuck with the opposite problem, a brand audit & a brand plan can help as well. The systematic research of competitors, your internal teams, and prospective customers brought together in a brand analysis will give you the insights needed to diagnose the reason for slowed growth and target a solution that lasts for years to come.

You Have Updated Your Products or Services

Your brand was formulated with your offerings in mind. A great one gives a sense of both the scope and depth of what clients can expect from your business. So, if your brand and products don’t align, the disconnect can keep prospective clients from converting. They don’t know which part of your messaging to trust.

Your Company No Longer Reflects Who You Are

Let’s be real: a company is really a group of people — not just a building or a list of services or policies. People change and services evolve. Overtime, it’s likely you’ve seen growth or a change of the guard that also changes how your company works. Make sure your brand reflects it to create the best possible customer experience.

You’re Getting Lost in a Sea of Competitors

Are you in a great industry but find yourself surrounded by competition? An updated brand plan & brand strategy is a great way to find your niche in the crowd and refocus your messaging to make people take notice. Give initial researchers & prospects something to remember. That way when they’re ready to take the leap, you’re the first to come to mind.

You’ve Undergone a Merger or Acquisition

As we said before, your people are your business. If you’ve undergone major structural changes or just added on a new team, your brand has changed with your people. Reflecting it with a rebranding initiative is a great way to acknowledge your team and get weary acquired customers on board as brand ambassadors.

You’re Failing to Attract the Right Buyers

Are you a full-service provider that keeps having to fend off a-la-carte hopefuls? Or maybe you’re a lean and mean service provider surprised by customers who wanted a more luxurious experience? It’s a quick fix to get your unique proposition through your branding, and it will save your team time and effort during their sales and onboarding processes. 

Your Gut Tells You Something is Off

This can look like a lot of situations, but all of them boil down to one reality: your business isn’t putting its best foot forward. Communicating your brand can be complicated, and many small indicators can add up to a lot more work for your team. Make day to day life more efficient for everyone by smoothing out the kinks with a refocused brand plan & strategy.

It can be hard to choose the next steps for your business. Flying blind without outside expert advice by brand strategists can be a costly mistake if you’re only making assumptions on where the issues lie instead of finding the root of the problem. An audit of your brand can give you the insights you need to quickly pivot in a way that clients will respond. Don’t make assumptions. Instead, put together a brand strategy that gives you a big picture of where you are and where you are headed with the data to back it up.

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