Four Key Components of a Viral Video

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What should your business be spending marketing dollars on in 2019? Hands down, it’s viral videos! A viral video is “any clip of animation or film that is spread rapidly through online sharing.” More than just a cute puppy snoring or a toddler dancing perfectly to “Single Ladies,” businesses are using viral videos to reach customers and prospects to promote their products and services.

Don’t believe in the power of viral videos? Statistics show that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter, 45% of people spend more than one hour per week watching Facebook or YouTube videos, and one-third of all online activity is spent watching a video. On the business end of things, 87% of business is creating videos in the hopes they will go viral and can convert clicks into profits.

Of course, not every video will go viral; in fact, most won’t. Companies and individual content creators who have gone viral have a few things in common. Here are four key components of viral videos so you can create a video that reaches viral status.


Viral Video Tip #1: The Video Answers a Question or Solves a Problem

Viral videos take a hot topic and tell a story about it. They should not feel promotional even if you are using them to promote a product or service. You should focus on how your product, subtly applied, helps a particular problem or answers a specific question.

How would say, a 24-hour gym reach, women 30-45? Tell a story about the working mom who is aching mentally and physically for some “me time,” and follow her through her day, bloopers and all. Then, show the alarm clock going off at 5 am and she wakes up and slips out to the gym. She’s happily running on the treadmill, earbuds in. Then she’s soaking in the whirlpool or relaxing in the sauna. Mom returns home and is looking fresh and feeling confident as she dishes out breakfast and proofreads her work presentation. She’s doing it all but taking care of herself too. What mom wouldn’t want that?


Viral Video Tip #2: The Video is a Hot Topic

Had anyone heard of the Ketogenic Diet before they started seeing viral videos about it? Companies like Tasty and Yummly have optimized on foodie how-to videos that get shared and tagged like crazy. They’ve hit on a hot topic–people want good food that’s yummy and easy to prepare. Businesses who want the same results need to find a way their product or service can be paired with a hot topic. Look for industry trends and put your spin on it with a video.


Viral Video Tip #3: The Video Title, Description, and Thumbnail are Appealing to Drive Clicks

Don’t spend all your time creating a visual masterpiece and then use a title and description that’s lackluster or too general. Think about what is really hot right now about your topic. Your click rate (that’s how many people click on your video) is always higher when you have a title and thumbnail that initially catch the eye and then a description that brings it all home. Here’s a pro tip: when sending an email with your video to customer and prospects, research shows that including the word ‘video’ in the email subject increases the open rate by 19%. That’s not too shabby!


Viral Video Tip #4: The Video is Two Minutes or Less

Shakespeare was right when he said (through Polonius): “Brevity is the soul of wit.” A survey by The New York Times agrees! They found that 41% of viewers abandon a video at the one-minute mark. What does this mean for you? Front-load all the really interesting and clever content so viewers are engaged and more likely to watch the whole video or at least enough that your product is on their mind. It’s akin to the idea of keeping them hungering for more, and in this case, it’s your content they’re craving. 

Just like any relationship, you want to find the right fit for your business. When choosing a partner for viral videos, work with a firm that knows how to tell your story in words and images. That’s where we come in. At Boldthink Creative, all the content we create for our clients reinforces their brand image and gives the customer an unforgettable experience. Let’s chat about how we can help you with your next (or your first!) viral video.