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How a Bold Website Structure Will Work for You

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A website has become a prerequisite as a business to show new customers that you are, in fact, a legitimate entity. But building and maintaining a website includes a not-insignificant addition to your budget. Sometimes this leads business owners to think the best way to keep website costs down is by creating a single, bare basics landing page with photos and contact information. In reality, the best way to keep your website costs low is by using it to help make money for you.

Your business website is like another member of your team with its ability to catch your audience’s attention, convey product information and even close sales. By choosing to embrace an innovative website structure, you can decrease man hours while increasing customer retention.

Embrace Whitespace

Think of the best saleswoman you’ve ever met. She probably had a confident style and way of controlling the conversation while including you and your needs in the discussion. She didn’t talk over you, and she always knew how to answer your questions before you asked.

Online, this flow of conversation can only be held by your design elements and content. You may have a lot of great things to say about the product you offer your customers, but overloading a page with information can interrupt your user’s experience. Instead, give your content some breathing room with empty space and continue the sales pitch elsewhere on the website. The internet is a vast place with plenty of space for both!

Create More Paths to Money Pages

Your home page is the central hub of your website. It’s where you want the widest array of information about your unique proposition in the marketplace. But it isn’t the page where you should be closing deals with prospective clients. For a bold website sales pipeline, you’ll need a variety of tracks to meet customers where they are in their decision journey and then lead them toward the products that meet their needs.

One way to gain new business is through sharing a little information for free with blogs, white papers, and newsletters. Knowing which pieces of content have brought a customer to your website will help you make relevant offers to meet their needs, and each of these pages have the potential to lead a client to a transaction. Even when it doesn’t, their broader knowledge of your offering will sharply increase conversion rates in future interactions.

Tell the People What You Want

Each page is an opportunity to help a client make an informed consumer purchase, but it is also a space for you to create leads online and ask for what you need from them. Include calls to action ranging from learning more about your products to leaving contact information to completing a purchase. The key is creating the option for a client to take the next logical step in their conversion journey similar to a conversation with a sales representative.

Your website is an extension of your company’s brand and your user’s experience with it. It’s a chance to hire the perfect member of your sales and service teams and increase customer confidence. A bold website structure will not only help boost sales for your business, it will take work off your plate while doing it.