The Importance of a Strong Social Media Campaign

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Social media has fast become the most used form of digital marketing. It provides significant benefits that help businesses reach millions of customers worldwide, often at a percentage of the cost of traditional marketing. If you’re not implementing this profitable source, you are literally leaving money on the table. Don’t believe us? Here are five ways strong social media campaigns serve you.


Extend Your Reach

Strong social media campaigns drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately, more money into your pocket. When you share your specially curated content on social media, you are not only attracting new prospects but also giving readers a reason to click-through to your website (because that’s where the content lives). The more you share, the more inbound traffic you get. One word of caution: Make sure content is relevant, credible, engaging and has a clear call-to-action so you can turn those clicks to click-conversions.


You Can’t Compete if You Don’t Show Up

If your competitors are on social media, and since there are more than 50 million businesses using social media it’s likely they are, and you aren’t, you are missing tons of market share. You are, in essence, just giving your competitors business. First step? Polish up your profiles up on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, which are the big three, and start posting.


Get Some Buzz Going

Trying to get some brand awareness or generate buzz around a new product or service? Social media is perfect for reaching both your core customer base (in a new and fun way) and also for attracting new followers you hope to convert to clients. Social media gives companies a unique opportunity to locate their target market based on analytics. A well-designed campaign can identify the exact demographic, at the right time with the right image. Rather than just throwing a campaign out into the internet void, you can customize everything to your ideal customer and reach a high concentration of who may want what you’ve got!



It’s time to put on your white lab jacket and conduct some experiments. Not sure if a concept will work for a full campaign? Try a teaser on social media to see if the idea gets a fast following or just “blah” results. Trying a new platform, like Instagram, also gives companies the freedom to try a more visual approach with products and launches. Social media also gives businesses an opportunity to test drive their marketing ideas on a variety of platforms to see which one is best. No license is needed.



It’s all about the clicks! Every click is meaningful, but click-conversions are the goal. Click conversions happen when a potential customer follow your call-to-action statement in your social media campaign. Whether it’s engagement (i.e. tagging a friend in a Facebook post), signing up for the weekly email list, or purchasing a product or service, click-conversion is the desired end-result of all social media campaigns. Social media campaigns boast a two to five percent click-conversion rate which doesn’t sound like much until you realize the reach (the people who can see the campaign) is massive.

Social media is the new way to advertise today. Leveraging alluring content on multiple platforms is the way get more qualified leads, experiment with new ideas, increase brand awareness, and grab a bigger chunk of market share. If you aren’t really sure how to craft a strong, engaging social media campaign, let’s talk! The social media experts at Boldthink Creative would love to show you how we can extend your brand into the social media universe.