Why a Killer Web Design is Crucial to Your Brand

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The days of function over aesthetic are quickly ending in these technology-savvy times. Customers know they don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. That’s why so many businesses are investing in web design.


Web design is more than just how your website looks. It is one of the single most important aspects of your online presence. It represents your business when you’re asleep or on vacation. It communicates your values and assets to your customers and prospective customers.


Here are some ways a stellar web design can boost your brand and deliver more customers right to your virtual door.


Customer Ease: Navigation and Usability

This is the most important reason to invest in high-quality web design. It’s one thing to have information on your website; it’s another thing to have relevant information users can find on your website. Users get an impression of your website within seconds of opening it. If it’s cluttered, confusing, or chaotic, they’ll hit “back” and go to your competitor’s website.


Make your navigation as user intuitive as possible. Think how they think and search how they search. Make it clear and simple like Earthwise Tool’s website below.


earthwise website design


When website visitors come to the site, they can immediately click on “Products” and choose what they want more information about with either a category or search feature. Now, this is user intuitive!


Trust and Brand Building

There’s a reason all films have a trailer—it’s to get you excited about a new movie you want to see. If the trailer is hastily put together, badly shot, or doesn’t appeal to its target demographic, the movie will flop. If it’s artfully crafted and visually stunning, moviegoers flock.


A show-stopping website that’s polished and exciting means your business is serious and successful. The branding and coloring are consistent throughout, communicating a robust and reliable message. It makes people want to be a part of what you are doing.


Your website is the digital face of your business, so make sure that face accurately represents your brand and the business you want to attract.


indianapolis website design


Competition: Don’t keep up with the Joneses; Be the Joneses

Chances are, your competitors are upping their web game, so to stay competitive, you’ll need to as well. However, you can do one better by opting for a custom-made, not custom-fit feel by creating an aesthetic that doesn’t just make your customers fall in love, but your competition green with envy.


A unique, custom website elevates your brand and sets you apart from the crowd. One of our clients, Langham Logistics, opted for a different feel than many of their competitors who tend to picture warehouses on their websites. Instead, they opted for icon buttons and simple graphics in a palette of complementary colors. The result is a calming website that would calm even the wariest prospect.


web design


Langham didn’t pull from the same old logistics stock websites; instead, they created a sophisticated website that is highly functioning and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


If you’re ready to elevate your brand and increase the functionality of your website, we are standing by, excited to partner with you and see what magic we can make with your business’ story.



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