Rebranding Care Horizon with New Name, Logo, Website Design & More!

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New Name, Logo, and Website Design


Cumberland Associates (now Care Horizon) approached our team with a lot of opportunities. They felt like they needed a rebrand that included a new logo and a new website design. They also weren’t sure whether the name Cumberland Associates reflected who they were anymore and explained that the name originally stemmed from the county that they were located in (Cumberland County). This caused a lot of confusion for their customers since they had multiple offices in various counties. On top of that, the only sort of marketing they had were a few trifold brochures that had been used for several years without any updates.

Lastly, not having any digital presence what-so-ever they also needed a strategy to help bring them up-to-date with technology along with a website design that would accurately reflect their brand messaging and services while also making information and resources easier to access by their patients and their families.

Quick Overview: Care Horizon, formerly Cumberland Associates, provides behavioral health, aging, and protective services throughout East Central Illinois; especially to those who cannot financially access these types of services elsewhere. With over 100 combined years of experience in human services, they are advocates for their close-knit communities and are there with you, each step, to ensure you and your loved ones get the best care.


Research & Marketing Strategy

Our first step was hosting a discovery session at one of their three locations in Illinois that included their leadership and staff, board members, and a few of their key stakeholders. We spent three hours discussing, whiteboarding and collaborating on the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that we had in front of us. Having three locations that served three different areas and care services, we began mapping out a rough framework.

To drill down even further, we also interviewed and sent out surveys (both online surveys and personal interviews) to all of their staff, clients, and agency partners. This allowed us to get unbiased opinions and feedback on Cumberland Associates that we were able to share as a part of our process. This feedback would eventually feed into the overall messaging and brand story. The end result of this phase was a fully laid out marketing plan and branding strategy that presented our creative and marketing recommendations, along with a strategy and plan for moving forward. This helped set the expectations on what our team would tackle as priority tasks, along with timelines and budget.


Renaming a 40-Year-Old Company

After compiling our research and laying out our strategy, our first recommendation was to rename the company. While Cumberland Associates did have an office location in Cumberland County, they had several other locations all over Illinois. This became confusing not only for communication internally but externally as well especially when many potential clients were looking for local assistance. We also recommended picking a name that reflected what they did as a company.

After many rounds of brainstorming with the team and the client, we narrowed it down to three names. We then conducted several anonymous surveys to get feedback on each of names from their staff. The results showed an overwhelming favorite for Care Horizon.



Introducing Care Horizon 

Caring for someone isn’t something that just happens in the present; it aims for a better and healthier future. Horizon alludes to a future; a means to an end, and that end is healed, happy and secure with a new outlook on life. At Care Horizon, we help those in need to attain essential resources to improve their wellness, security, independence, and peace of mind. We advocate for a better future, health, homes, and communities. 



Branding and Design

With a brand new name and outlook on the future of the newly named company, we needed to solidify the brand’s visual identity. We began our process by researching the industry, as well as non-industry trends, along with analyzing the brand essence and core values. Based on our findings, we created a mood board that was compiled of the types of imagery, colors, and tone that we wanted the brand to reflect.

After several iterations of logo concepts, the design direction that we landed incorporated a new spin on the health cross symbol by adding softer edges, transparencies, and movement for more depth and originality. Transparencies in the logo mimic the companies transparent approach in their care services and the lifting green shape abstractly resembles a bird inspiring hope and a happier and brighter future. The final result was clean, current, and professional while still inspiring a hopeful warmth.


Once we solidified Care Horizon’s visual system, we applied it to various print assets including business cards, stationery, folders, brochures, and appointment cards.


stationary graphic design


Website Design

While building the Care Horizon website our goal was to create a tool that was fully responsive across all web platforms and would accurately reflect their brand messaging and services while also making information and resources easy to access by their patients and their families.

One page that was particularly important was the resources page. We wanted to help patients get started on their journey quicker by easily accessing the right forms, documentation and an expandable FAQ section that organized information and made it easy to navigate.


care horizon website design


To see more work that we created for Care Horizon, take a look at our project page that lays out the creative. And if you’re ready for a rebrand, let’s talk!

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