5 Reasons to Repost Old Blogs

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In business, there’s always pressure to be new and innovative. It’s easy to let this extend to every aspect of your business. But when it comes to marketing, sometimes it’s more effective to correct mistakes or improve upon the classics. 

One marketing tactic where this can particularly helpful is in blogging. It can be difficult to come up with new topics that meet your clients’ needs month after month. The reality is that they may just need a refresher on something you might consider old hat. Here’s how you can take an old blog post and make it work for you even better than before: 

Update and Refresh Content

If you’ve been using a comprehensive marketing strategy for a while, it’s likely you have been posting blogs for years. (In fact, it may have been so long you’re wondering if blogging is still relevant.) You’ve clearly put in the work to continue to funnel in new clients, but a lot may have changed for your industry or your own business. You don’t want to be informing visitors of services or processes that have since changed significantly Reposting blogs gives your business an opportunity to ensure that only up-to-date content is available for current and prospective clients. 

Maintain or Improve Search Ranking

As a long-time blogging business, you’ve probably gotten pretty good at it. You’ve ranked well on a few important keyword phrases with your posts, but they’re slowly becoming less relevant because of the date on them. 

Would you rather read an article with a 2021 or 2016 posting date? It’s likely the one posted more recently is more applicable. And if you’re a new business that isn’t particularly well versed in the services being provided, you won’t know what’s out of date. It’s easier to go with what’s new.

These hesitancies lead to reduced click-through rates, high bounce rates, and other obstacles that can jeopardize the ranking position for key phrases. This can be remedied by redirecting your old post to the updated version without compromising on search rankings.  

Fill the Calendar During the Busy Season

Whether you have a predictable busy season each year or a one-off circumstance like a coworker destined for parental leave, sometimes it makes sense to select marketing practices to help you survive without breaking your upload schedule. Editing, rewriting, and republishing posts takes less time than starting a new one from scratch. It’s not great to rely upon them for your entire editorial calendar, but mixing one in every few posts will help lighten the load. 

Reduce Costs on Blog Maintenance

If a lean quarter has led to a tight budget, blog reposts can help you here, too. Taking less time to produce means they also cost less money. It won’t completely eliminate the cost of a blog because you should still be putting in the time to expand upon or revise the content to make it more pertinent for today’s market conditions, but it’s still going to save you big. 

Reach New Audiences

If a blog has done a really good job bringing in new eyes in the past, you’re only increasing its potency by giving it a more recent date. Reposting a good blog gives the audience you’ve gained since its original posting a chance to read it and creates new opportunities for your existing audience who missed it the first time around. 

Though reposting blogs should never make up the bulk of your posts in a given timeframe, recirculating good information can be a great option for a comprehensive marketing strategy to create balance and maintain your content. Your marketing team has the knowhow to identify, rewrite, and post these blogs to help you reach your sales goals while maximizing time and budgetary allocations. What do you have to lose?