When to Invest in Brand Photography

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Stock photos can be an amazing tool. When we’re building those first renditions of our websites or social media squares, stock photography is a quick and inexpensive way to launch a brand. As our brands start to develop their uniqueness, these stock photos can start to feel stale and conventional. As we turn to other brands, we see eye-catching, truthful photos that describe their business perfectly. These brands are utilizing the tool of brand photography; paying for personalized photoshoots that use the brand’s real people, spaces, and products. 

Brand photography can be a powerful tool to keep in your brand’s pocket.

When looking to expand or define a brand, photography can be a unique way to show a unique product, create brand consistency, and build a reliable stockpile of versatile images for various marketing channels.

How do you know if brand photography is the solution you need?

Personalized photography comes with a price tag, so let’s define scenarios where your invested cost will lead to increased brand awareness and growth.

Your Product or Service is Unique

In a world saturated with generic stock photos, businesses with unique products or services can find it challenging to accurately display their offerings. Product-based companies spend time and money creating the perfect look and feel through packaging. This is why it is equally important to showcase the product correctly to consumers afterward. Through brand photography, we can place products in specific environments, speaking to the ideals of our customer base. These photos can help sell the product by appealing to ideal customers and creating a reality for the product to exist in. 

In B2B worlds, showing or explaining a service can be difficult. As intangible products, services can often be misrepresented or unexplained through stock photography. Brand photography for service-based organizations can showcase unique properties and strengths, giving the customers a better understanding of the services they can expect to receive. Aside from showing the service specifically, we can set better expectations of the service by showing processes and customer journeys.

You Need Stronger Brand Cohesion

Consistency is a pillar of successful branding, creating recognizable and trustworthy brands. Brand photography becomes a strategic investment when you want your visual identity to be cohesive across all platforms and materials. A consistent photographic style not only enhances brand recognition but can also communicate professionalism and reliability.

Whether it’s the color palette, composition, or the overall tone of the images, a uniform style in your brand photography creates a visual language that speaks to your audience. This consistency builds trust and strengthens your brand’s identity, making it instantly recognizable in a sea of competitors. Professional photographers can work closely with your brand guidelines to ensure that every image aligns seamlessly with your visual identity.

You Need Content for Marketing

In the age of digital marketing, businesses need a diverse range of visuals for various channels, including social media, print materials, and websites. Rather than relying on generic stock photos that may not accurately represent your brand, you can choose brand photography. This will give you a custom stockpile of images to use in every brand application, without the hours of searching through stock photos or the time spent editing to make the photos look similar. 

Whether you are updating your website, launching a social media campaign, or preparing promotional materials for an event, having a curated collection of images at your disposal streamlines the creative process. This not only saves you time but also ensures that every piece of visual content aligns with your brand’s identity and messaging. 

Brand photography can be a useful tool for expanding and defining your brand. It can be used to depict your product or service more accurately to your audience for higher levels of understanding. Brand photography can also create brand consistency, building a better visual relationship between your websites, print collateral, and social media feeds. Another beneficial part of brand photography is having a stockpile of images to use at any time, knowing they will all convey your brand correctly to your customers. Learning when and where brand photography can be used can help you decide on having your brand photoshoot. While it may seem like an extra expense, brand photography can be instrumental in creating trust within your audiences and gaining brand awareness that can lead to sales. 

Boldthink organizes photoshoots for businesses interested in branded photography. We work with you to create a detailed shoot list, covering each aspect that is important to your brand. Then we guide your team through the process of the photoshoot, organizing people and capturing scenarios to explain your brand story.

At the end of the day, you walk away with a fresh set of photos that are ready to place on social media, websites, and other branded collateral. And the best part: each photo will be unique to you and your business. If you are interested in branded photography for your business, contact the Boldthink team to learn more.